Welcome to the RALETC homepage.  RALETC was formed by a group of radar and laser enthusiasts determined to expose the lies being told by various radar and lidar vendors.  We provide radar and laser testing results based on proven expert testing methods and without prejudice towards any vendor.  We do not hide or obscure the truth and will expose those that do!

Laser Interceptor Production Status


You may have seen on some distribution networks the following message or one similar relating to the production status of the current Laser Interceptor product: Sorry, the Laser Interceptor is currently out of production and no longer available. This is absolutely NOT TRUE.  Laser Interceptor is alive and well and continuing to produce their product line.  With respect to this position, I contacted Ivan @ Laser Interceptor Croatia to discuss this matter.  Here is his response:   There have been lots of discussions on various forums about this and it...

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2015 Sensitivity Results - Featured Image

A new year means it's time for a new series of lidar sensitivity tests.  This year we focused on last years lidar king the AL Priority, the legendary Laser Interceptor, and the new kid on the block the Stinger VIP. This test was designed to measure each lidar jammer's ability to detect a small beam off vehicle using a known distance from the vehicle.  The lidar gun's distance to the vehicle inline with the lidar receiver is exactly 20' measured perpendicular to the baseline of the vehicle.  The gun is then...

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RALETC Infiltrates the Dragon’s Lair


The guys are having way too much fun this weekend in Georgia as they have now gone into the heart of the beast. Surprisingly the shop is not that impressive as they were expecting much more. They decided to leave them a present see if you can figure out what it was...     Hey Dragon call us when you get your present!   For what it's worth the DragonEye guns have posed a significant threat to the CM community since their inception.  Personally we at RALETC really like these...

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RALETC Lidar User Meet Sept 2014 – Testing Results

Tested and Approved

With excellent weather and our largest number of participants for a single event, RALETC is proud to present the results from our September 2014 laser jammer user meet.  Each user tested their respective system against 15 lidar guns from RALETC including the infamous guns from DragonEye technology.  We asked each participant to ensure their setup had the latest version of the firmware from their laser jammer company.  With all of the participants there were only two discrete systems, the Laser Interceptor 8.18 and the AL Priority 4.4.1/5.1.  We did manage...

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2014 RALETC Lidar Jammer Shootout


The battle of the year took place on September 20th, 2014 between four highly competitive laser jammer companies against 16 different LIDAR guns and featuring the latest firmware from each. This event had a twist as we streamed our results LIVE over the internet. The event boasted over 300 unique online visitors and was averaging between 30-50 visitors hourly. The event pulled in visitors from 12 different countries including the US, Croatia, Canada, Australia, and many others. We had originally planned to test five laser jammer systems, but due to time constraints we...

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